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Happy Family loves House Calls!

"I can't begin to express how much I love having "in home care" for my pets.  Our household has 4 cats and 2 dogs and with my business travel it can be a real struggle to get the pets to the veterinarian's office for all of their regular care, not to mention the occasional emergency that can come up.  Since January 2014, I started using Tides Mobile Vet for "in home care" and it has not only made my life so much easier, but the pets are so much more relaxed and calmer during their exam.  A huge bonus is that we don't go through the "re-integration process" when bringing home one of the cats from the vet.  They all smell like home and nobody has that "vet smell" which can often cause some tense moments among the group.  Dr. Mitchell has performed all of their check ups, this includes all lab work, shots, nail trims and full physical work-ups.  I highly recommend Dr. Mitchell.  You will be amazed at the quality of service and how much your pet enjoys the experience."  Sherry Harrison, Roswell, GA

‚ÄčTestimonials for Dr. Mitchell


"I have an elderly cat (Sally), that was diagnosed with chronic renal failure and hypertension.  Over time, even with the support of fluids and daily medicine, we noticed that her overall health was not good and it was suggested that we add acupuncture to her support routine.  WHAT A DIFFERENCE HER TREATMENTS HAVE MADE.    Sally experiences no pain and is quite content - often relaxing so much that she will doze off and take a quick "catnap".  The treatment she receives not only supports her issues for renal failure and hypertension, but Dr. Mitchell also treats her for "lagging appetite and overall well-being".  The treatment has really made a difference in her overall health - she is grooming herself better, eating very well and just appears to feel better.  I can't begin to express how happy I am that we added acupuncture to Sally's maintenance."  


"We tried traditional acupuncture and electroacupuncture with Dr. Mitchell and Sheba responded VERY well to the treatment.  After her first session, my dog, who had not moved quickly in years actually ran for a short bit on her own without any coaxing from me.  Acupuncture has kept Sheba comfortable and bridged the gap between what her medications would allow her to do and what she wanted to do. I am very grateful to Dr. Mitchell."  Arianne

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Patient Spotlight on Bailey

Bailey is a very sweet beagle who became suddenly paralyzed in 2012.  He was diagnosed with intervertebral disc disease and had surgery in 2 locations to reduce the pressure on his spinal cord.  His recovery had been slow and 4 months later needed another surgery to repair a torn cruciate ligament in his knee.  Walking up a single stair was not possible and he was not able to enjoy his neighborhood walks.  

The loving care of his owners coupled with his treatment with electroacupuncture and Chinese herbs has brought about significant improvements in his recovery.  He is climbing stairs and loving his walks.  He's playing with his toys and his beagle brother again.  He even tried to jump up on the couch recently.  Bailey routinely falls asleep during his treatments - a "soft snore" being our cue that he is completely relaxed!

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